What to Expect During CNA Exam

The CNA examination consists of two parts: the written part and the clinical part. The written exam is very much based upon theoretical knowledge and relies more on common sense. The clinical part of the exam requires you to bring along a volunteer so that you can demonstrate you clinical skills.

What to Expect During CNA Exam

The written exam is based upon facts or knowledge during your training. It is good to have class handouts, textbooks and other related notes to feed you all the knowledge required to pass the exam.

You have to read further on your notes and portions of your syllabus which you find it slightly more difficult. Few people find written examination a reason for nervousness while others feel the jitters during the practical exams. Most of the time, nervousness are due to the tension of someone looking over their shoulder and judging their every action.

Take a deep breath to relax you and close your mind to these disturbing thoughts, then start to think step by step on the things necessary to do as a mental revision calms the mind down. Remember that the examiner has a frequent experience of edgy students and they are mostly kind and patient.

You will most likely be asked to demonstrate 5 nursing assistance skills such as a hand wash, privacy policies, a nod towards dignity and other safety standards. There are also available answers online. Most online sites are informative in nature. They do not usually ask for money as they share the knowledge of nursing where the clinical skills are taught and they can practice. Simply do online research and you can then find lots of reference and study material at Nursing Assistant resources. There are also available clinical procedures or videos in the web.

It is imperative that you study and train in the state you intend to live in and have trained for because each state has different regulatory bodies for the Certified Nurse Assistants exam.

Before you enter into a nursing course, make sure to get in touch with the State Nurse Aide Registry or the State Licensing Board for the requirements to become a CNA. This will help set your mind for the upcoming exam and will make you well prepared.

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